Exam - Quality Installation of Insulation Retrofits in BC Homes - Final Exam

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Final Exam
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Added 5 days ago, by Anonymous
Added 6 days ago, by LUKE
Added 7 days ago, by Anonymous
Question 11 was worded incorrectly for the answer options, but you can still easily pick the 'odd one out'.
Added 12 days ago, by Anonymous
Added 18 days ago, by Harley
Added 18 days ago, by Chantal
LOVED the information and how it was presented...in doing the exam i did notice Q30 asked one thing but the answers were for another so i left it blank... hope i didnt need it to pass...want to Thank all who are responsible for this training and who took the time and effort...deeply appreciate you ALL
Added 21 days ago, by Chris
A fairly straightforward exam. Not having it timed is nice, as it takes the pressure off for any employees that worry about that stuff.
Added about 1 month ago, by Anonymous
Great course
Added about 1 month ago, by Anonymous
Added about 1 month ago, by Scott

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