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More About HPSC Courses

Interested in enhancing your skills in residential retrofits and staying ahead of the competition? 

The Home Performance Stakeholder Council is pleased to announce the following courses for residential HVAC and insulation contractors:

  • Training course for HVAC contractors on quality furnace and heat pump retrofit installations where learners can expect to learn:
    • How to evaluate existing HVAC systems at pre-changeout and develop installation strategies to optimize performance of replacement furnaces and heat pumps. 
    • Opportunities to incorporate quality installation components designed to achieve improved comfort, equipment longevity, energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions for your customers. 
    • Best practices on equipment commissioning and consumer education to support proper operation/maintenance.
  • Training course for insulation contractors on the quality installation of insulation retrofits where learners can expect to learn:
    • Overview of health and safety practices and the use of hand tools and equipment relevant to insulation retrofits
    • Building science topics, highlighting heat and moisture flow mechanisms, the importance of house as a system concepts, different types of insulation products, etc.
    • Best practices for applying different types of insulation in retrofit applications, including specialty products and quality control
    • Overview of relevant concepts related to project management and leadership training

Supported by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, BC Hydro and FortisBC, these courses will become part of the program registered contractors mandatory training requirements in the future.

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